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What is Yoga Insurance?

Liability insurance designed for yoga teachers and instructors to help cover them from third-party liability claims

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What is Yoga Insurance?

Yoga insurance is liability insurance tailored for yoga teachers and instructors to help protect them from claims made by a studio, landlord or client

Yoga insurance is usually a combination of general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and abusive misconduct coverage (i.e. sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse). Yoga insurance can help cover a claim related to the daily operations of your yoga teaching. For example, if one of your students injures themselves while following your instruction or you damage a studio space you rented to teach yoga, yoga insurance can help cover the costs of these claims.

Yoga insurance can also help cover the legal expenses for eligible claims made against you, medical payments awarded from third-party bodily injury claims, and repair costs for damage done to the yoga studio's property.

Yoga insurance is essential, and it helps to keep you protected from expensive legal costs for eligible claims that can easily pile up. It is a resourceful way of preserving the integrity and prosperity of your career as a yoga professional.

Yoga Insurance from ProSight

Extensive liability coverage to help safeguard you from a third-party property damage, bodily injury, or reputation harm claim

Bodily Injury Claims

A client attempts a Lotus Pose, gets injured, and sues you to pay their medical bills.

Property Damage Claims

The floors in the studio you rent get damaged, and the landlord sues you to repair the wood.

Reputation Harm Claims

A competitor claims you smeared their brand online and sues you for damages.

Who Needs Yoga Insurance?

Liability insurance for yoga teachers can be a critical piece to being a successful yoga instructor

Yoga insurance can be as essential, if not more essential, than getting your certification to be a certified yoga instructor. This is true whether you are teaching at clients’ homes or offices, offering classes at the park, working out of your home, or teaching sessions in a commercial studio.

Liability insurance for yoga instructors could also be a requirement for yoga instructors who work as independent contractors for commercial studios. Independent contractors are seldom covered by the studio owner’s liability insurance, so it is critical for them to get their own yoga insurance.

If you’re an employee of a commercial studio, there is a safe chance you are already covered by your employer's policy, but you should double check this with them. Getting your own yoga insurance still might make sense, especially if your employer's coverage isn't adequate enough.

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