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What is Group Fitness Instructor Insurance?

Liability insurance designed for group fitness instructors and teachers to help cover them from third-party liability claims

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What is Group Fitness Instructor Insurance?

Staying protected with liability insurance for group fitness instructors can keep you safe from eligible claims. Group fitness instructor insurance can free you from worrying about circumstances beyond your control, and allow you to burpee, push-up, and plank in peace for years to come.

As a group fitness instructor, your main goal is helping your students get fit and have fun. Worrying about claims made by your fitness students, landlord, or fitness studio might weigh heavy on your mind, preventing you from instructing your fitness classes to the best of your ability. Staying insured can free you from concerns or possible claims and allow you to show up for your group fitness students day after day.

Group fitness instructor insurance can be a combination of professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, and abusive misconduct insurance (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse). Fitness instructor insurance may cover claims related to the daily operations of you teaching group classes.

Fitness liability insurance can cover incidences such as one of your fitness clients getting injured during your group fitness class by improperly executing a move, or a participant accidentally breaking the door in the gym space you rented. Insurance for group fitness instructors can help cover the costs of these claims, rather than you having to foot the bill yourself. Liability insurance for fitness instructors can also assist with the legal fees an instructor may incur in defending themselves from a frivolous lawsuit or claim.

Group Fitness Instructor Insurance from ProSight

Extensive liability coverage to help safeguard you from a third-party property damage, bodily injury, or potential lawsuit

Bodily Injury Claims

One of your clients drops a prop on themselves during your group class and sues you to cover their medical expenses.

Property Damage Claims

One of your fitness students knocks a barbell into a mirror, shattering it. The landlord then sues you to pay for its repair.

Legal Defense

If you’re getting sued by a client, fitness instructor insurance can offer legal defense for eligible claims made against you.

Who Needs Group Fitness Instructor Insurance?

Liability insurance for group fitness instructors can play a key role in having a teaching career with longevity.

As a certified fitness instructor, you already spent the time and money needed to earn your fitness certification and continuing education credits. You put in countless hours of work to fill your classes and build a solid reputation in the fitness industry. Would you really want to put all that in jeopardy over an incident that could be out of your control? Whether you teach group classes in an independent or commercial fitness studio, at corporate locations, or at multiple fitness studios, liability insurance can keep you safe.

Some fitness studios may require you to carry liability insurance anyway. If you’re covered by your fitness studio’s insurance policy as an employee, be sure to check how much you’re covered for under your employer’s policy. This liability policy might not be adequate to fully protect you should the unexpected occur. Don’t be afraid to ask for details. It could make the difference between success and having to walk away from the career you love.

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