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How To Get Personal Trainer Insurance

Where personal trainers can go to buy liability insurance

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How To Get Personal Trainer Insurance

There are multiple options for how and where you can get personal trainer insurance coverage that works for you.

Typically, the national certification website that you received your personal trainer certification from will have information and recommendations for where you should purchase your personal trainer insurance from. This is usually a liability insurance company that they have partnered with in order to provide their members with a simplified way to purchase liability insurance. Aside from purchasing personal trainer insurance coverage through an organization, fitness professionals have many other options as to where they can purchase personal trainer coverage from. You can also get a personal trainer insurance policy online, or buy liability coverage through an independent agent. However you choose to get personal trainer insurance, make sure you do your due-diligence.

Ways to Purchase Personal Trainer Insurance

Buy Personal Trainer Insurance Online
Buy Through an Independent Agent
Buy Through Your National Certification

Why Wouldn’t I Get Insurance Through My Fitness Certification Organization?

There are a few different reasons why you may not decide to purchase personal trainer insurance protection through your national certification.

One reason may be that the coverage provided by your organization doesn’t include the liability coverage that you need in order to fully protect yourself from potential liability claims. If you are a personal trainer who tends to be more hands-on with your fitness clients, you may be more inclined to purchase abusive misconduct coverage as part of your liability policy. Abusive misconduct coverage can protect you from claims of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.

Conversely, your national fitness certification may offer excess liability coverage that you feel you don’t need. Depending on the scale of your personal training business, you may feel as though you don't require as high of limits and may not want the additional liability coverage. Keep in mind, when it comes to getting personal trainer insurance, it’s always best to do your research.

Other Ways of Getting Insurance as a Personal Trainer

Buying Personal Trainer Insurance Online

There are also liability insurance companies that offer fitness instructor insurance online, like ProSight. Upon entering their website, you will be prompted to start a personal trainer insurance quote, which will ask you questions about your duties as a personal trainer, as well as your personal training business. Once you answer these risk-assessment questions, the system will generate an insurance quote for you, displaying the cost of the personal trainer policy, as well as the coverage options. Depending on the fitness insurance company, there may be other options available to increase your policy limits or add additional coverages. You may also have the ability to buy the fitness policy on the spot, with the policy going into effect either the day of, or 24 hours after you purchase it. One of the benefits of purchasing your policy online, and with a company like ProSight, is that you can access your policy from anywhere through an online portal.

Buying Personal Trainer Insurance Through an Independent Agent

If you get personal trainer through an independent agent, or broker, the agent will ask you fitness-specific questions similar to those asked by an online insurance company. Based on your responses, the independent agent will provide you with liability insurance coverage suggestions and options for different carriers. The one thing to be conscious about when purchasing through an independent agent or broker is that if you need to make any changes to your policy, or submit a claim, you will have to do so through your insurance carrier, not the agent.

Getting insurance as a personal trainer is extremely simple, it’s doing the research that’s time-consuming.

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