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How to Get Group Fitness Instructor Insurance

Where group fitness instructors can go to buy liability insurance

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How To Get Group Fitness Instructor Insurance

You have several different options when trying to find the right group fitness instructor insurance to meet your teaching needs.

Group fitness classes, like all fitness classes, present a risk of injury. Even with a fitness trainer certification, instructors run the risk of a potential lawsuit if a student is injured while under their instruction. Before you approach your high intensity (HIIT) fitness classes, you should take the time to research liability insurance for fitness instructors to see how you can protect yourself from potential lawsuits.

Group fitness instructor insurance is liability insurance tailored for group instructors to help protect them from claims made by a fitness studio, landlord or client. There are a few different options for how and where to buy liability coverage, but ultimately it all depends on what works best for you and your business.

In most cases, the governing body of your group fitness training certification will have recommendations or information of where you can buy your group fitness insurance, usually posted on their website. It is typically a liability insurance company they’ve partnered with to provide members with a simple, easy way to procure insurance. Besides buying insurance from your training certification, you can also purchase it online or through an independent agent.

Ways to Purchase Group Fitness Instructor Insurance

Buy Group Fitness Insurance Online
Buy Through an Independent Agent
Buy Through Your National Certification

Why Wouldn’t I Get Insurance Through My Fitness Certification Organization?

There are a few different reasons why you may not decide to purchase group fitness teacher insurance protection through your national certification.

There's multiple reasons why you may want to buy group fitness instructor insurance outside of your certifying organization. First, the training instructor coverage provided by your organization may not include all of the different types of liability coverage you need to truly protect you against the unexpected occurring. For example. if you are a group fitness instructor who often helps correct your students’ form in class, you may want to have abusive misconduct coverage as part of your policy. Abusive misconduct coverage can protect you from claims of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. This type of liability coverage may not be included in the fitness policy provided by your certification organization.

Second, your organization might provide excess coverage that you don’t really need. If you run a smaller fitness business with limited clients, you may not desire or require high liability limits on your fitness policy. Upon getting a liability insurance quote, it is best to do your research and make sure your policy includes all of the necessary coverage you are looking to have included in your fitness insurance policy.

Other Ways of Getting Insurance as a Group Fitness Instructor

Buying Group Fitness Instructor Insurance Online

You can also purchase group fitness instructor insurance online through some liability insurance companies, like ProSight Direct. It’s a quick, straightforward process: You’ll start a group instructor insurance quote, which will include questions about your job duties as a group instructor, and about the scope of your business (i.e. projected earnings, whether or not you have employees, etc.). After answering the questions, the system will create a fitness instructor insurance quote for you. It will show the cost of group instructor insurance and your liability coverage options. You might also have the option for the insurance to go into effect immediately. By purchasing online with a company like ProSight, you’ll have the ability to access your policy anywhere, anytime.

Buying Group Instructor Insurance Through an Independent Agent

If you buy your fitness insurance through an independent agent or broker, you’ll answer similar questions as you would through an online company. The agent will provide you with coverage options and suggestions for various carriers. However, unlike using an online portal, any changes you may want to make to your policy or claims you want to submit will need to be handled through the carrier you select.

Take the time to do your research and pick the right group fitness instructor insurance. It can make a big difference should you ever face eligible claims. Staying covered with the right policy can keep you teaching for years to come.

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