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Dietitian Liability Insurance: Get Your Business Off to a Healthy Start

Dietitian Liability Insurance: Get Your Business Off to a Healthy Start

November 30, 2018
Author: ProSight Direct

Now that you are officially a registered dietitian (RD) and ready to start counseling people, it’s important to get dietitian liability insurance to cover yourself and your private practice. You may be asking yourself “what is dietitian liability insurance?” At ProSight, liability insurance for dietitians can include general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, as well as abusive misconduct insurance, which can protect you and your practice from claims made against you regarding physical and/or verbal abuse.

As a dietitian, you are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual level. From disbursing dietary advice to planning meals, your clients depend on your expertise to establish good eating habits to achieve their health goals. However, having such a direct influence on their well-being, leaves you and your business exposed to potential claims.

As with any health profession, registered dietitians are exposed to many risks while running their own practice. There are error and omission (professional liability) lawsuits to consider as well as third-party claims of property damage, bodily injury and associated medical costs that could cripple your practice. Even when providing your professional advice, your clients could sue you simply because they’re not happy with your services.

The good news, professional liability insurance for dietitians can help protect RDs and their assets from an eligible claim. In handling client claims, dietitian liability insurance will provide a legal defense and pay the amount the court awards the client up to the limits of liability insurance policy.

Dietitian Insurance Through ProSight Direct’s Platform

Having good liability insurance is one way to offset life’s uncertainty and counter the legal costs for eligible claims made against you. With ProSight, our general and professional liability insurance has been tailored specifically for dietitians, allowing us to keep the costs competitive, while providing comprehensive coverage. Whether it’s a professional liability, bodily injury or property damage claim, ProSight is in your corner, helping defend you and your career.

Dietitian Liability Insurance Policy Benefits

ProSight offers extensive dietitian liability insurance with unrivaled customer service. Compare your current dietitian liability insurance policy today to ProSight to see what makes us different.

  • Zero deductible
  • Coverage options up to $1M per claim / $2M per year
  • Legal defense for eligible claims
  • Sexual misconduct and molestation coverage
  • Bodily injury to a third party
  • Unlimited additional insureds
  • 24/7 portable coverage – take your insurance from location to location


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