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Fad Diet Drawbacks: What Your Clients Should Know

March 03, 2019

It’s a dietitian’s job to help their clients break bad habits. Whether it be a candy addiction, compulsive snacking or skipping critical meals, dietitians are there ready to assist and educate their patients. But, one of the most common habits patients acquire, and the hardest to break, is the “get-slim-quick” thinking. Clients who want…

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Dietitian Liability Insurance: Get Your Business Off to a Healthy Start

November 30, 2018

Now that you are officially a registered dietitian (RD) and ready to start counseling people, it’s important to get dietitian liability insurance to cover yourself and your private practice. You may be asking yourself “what is dietitian liability insurance?” At ProSight, liability insurance for dietitians can include general liability insurance and professional liability insurance…

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Thinking of Transitioning From Nutritionist to a Certified Dietitian? Here’s How to Do It.

October 12, 2018

Obtaining your Registered Dietitian (R.D.) certification is typically more time consuming than the traditional Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.), but it can open doors. If you have the passion and persistence to complete the necessary steps towards certification, here’s some helpful information. Make sure to research and learn the details of the necessary requirements when…

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