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7 Tips to Build Your DJ Business

August 10, 2018

Small business owners have to wear many hats. As a DJ, you need to be a music master, a technician, a delivery service, an accountant, a marketer… and the list goes on! Some of these skill sets might not come naturally, but are easier to pick up than you might think. Marketing, for example…

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Here’s How to Light and Mask The Perfect Gig

May 22, 2018

You’ve made sure your BPMs are A-OK. You’ve got anti-rumble mats on your turntables. Your speakers have deep bass and clear treble. You’re going to sound like a professional party master! But, wait – have you thought about the way your party will look? Lighting and masking are essential to any professional gig because…

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Technical Tips for DJs

March 23, 2018

If you’re just getting started as a DJ, you may find yourself surrounded by a dizzying array of technical choices. Whether it’s the best music software to buy or the most helpful practices for keeping track of your music files, the decisions you make now about how you operate will help you find your…

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