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DJs: Look Out for These Liability Risks During Karaoke, Trivia & Bar Events

DJs: Look Out for These Liability Risks During Karaoke, Trivia & Bar Events

August 09, 2019
Author: Kelly Sheridan

For most bar-goers, events like karaoke and trivia nights are a chance to relax and have a good time. For DJs, the same events can be overly stressful. The more people in attendance, the greater chance of someone breaking expensive DJ gear or injuring themselves by tripping over DJ equipment.

It's for reasons like these that DJ liability insurance is standard protocol for professional DJs. When a party host, bar, or event venue hires a DJ, they usually ask for proof of liability coverage or a certificate of insurance. At every event where a DJ is working, there's a risk something could go wrong. Whether it's electronic equipment failure or a guest accident, neither the DJ nor the venue wants to be held responsible.

DJs know it as part of the job: they're typically hired for events where people aren't always cautious because they're there to let loose and have fun. Event DJs are bringing turntables, sound systems, mixers, laptops, speakers, and amplifiers into loud environments where groups of people are dancing, singing, and not paying attention. If someone gets hurt tripping over DJ equipment, suddenly there's an injured reveler and looming liability lawsuit. If this happens, a DJ working the event could be held liable and be forced to pay expensive legal fees – which could prove financially devastating, even if they win the case. This is where a general liability insurance policy can come into play.

Of course, risks vary depending on the event. Events like these can lead to pricey damage, even if all attendees leave the bar unharmed. Someone could spill a drink on your laptop or mixer, effectively ruining tools you use to perform and do your job. If you bought and use your own equipment, that kind of destruction could cost thousands of dollars. DJ insurance can help replace it and protect you from property damage, theft, or loss.

What are some of the things that could go wrong on karaoke night, open mic night, trivia night, or any other bar event where DJs are asked to work? Let's brainstorm and offer a few ways to mitigate the risk to the people at the event, as well as your DJ equipment:

  • Mic drop: If someone drops a microphone, or poorly handles another piece of equipment (song book, for example) take the equipment away. The person may be upset, but it's not worth you replacing expensive gear.
  • Beer spill: During crowded events, revelers may try to sit drinks on your DJ booth – right next to your laptop, audio equipment, and other expensive DJ gear. Tap them on the shoulder and request they move the drink. It could spill on, and destroy, the tools needed to perform.
  • Rogue Wires: Depending on the event, DJs may need to set up additional speakers, lighting, and other equipment. The more they need to set up, the greater the risk of party-goers stumbling over it. You can mitigate this risk by taping wires to the ground, which may help conceal them from people who are too busy dancing to notice.

DJ insurance can help protect against the costs related to equipment damage and third-party bodily injury at events where you perform. Policies vary in price and coverage. Make sure you purchase the right DJ coverage for you.

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