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DJ Gigs Available in 9 Unexpected Places

DJ Gigs Available in 9 Unexpected Places

March 28, 2018
Author: ProSight Direct

There’s more to the DJ world than clubs and weddings. After all, you can’t have a top notch party without great music and a pre-set playlist simply cannot deliver like a real-live pro. Here are DJ gigs available at nine off-beat places.

1. School Dances

Teenagers love their music. The key here is to make sure that you have a clean, zero profanity playlist to ease the concerns of chaperones and teachers.. If you do your part, the responsible adults can keep their focus on their primary task of ensuring that students leave a textbook’s length of room between each other. You can also look at some tips for DJs to rock your gig.

2. Cruise Ships

Partying isn’t just for landlubbers. A cruise ship gig can mean a week or more of steady work and a paid vacation. Even an afternoon booze cruise can provide repeat business with hours that won’t interfere with your preferred Friday and Saturday night sets.

3. Store Openings

New stores can draw people in with big sales and air conditioning on a hot summer day. You know what else gets people to come inside? Great music! A “coming soon” sign could be a DJ’s invitation to find work on a random Monday.

4. Block Parties

Beers and barbecues call for the best of the beats. Call up your local neighborhood association or management group to inquire on some potential afternoon bookings. If they don’t have a party planned, why not suggest one? If there’s a holiday around the corner, then you have a ready-made pitch. If not, you can propose a random Saturday as a welcome gathering for new neighbors or any old Sunday as a just-because throw down.

5. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteen Parties

Be sure to highlight your ability to play Sweet Sixteens and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs on your advertising materials to maximize your chances of getting these gigs. When you work the event, keep it upbeat and play a variety of music that will satisfy guests of all ages.

6. Charity Events

A charity event can be a great way for a DJ to do a good deed, gain exposure, and network with high-rolling influential people. You won’t break the bank at this gig, but it’s for a good cause.

If your calendar is a little more open than you would like, it may even make sense to pitch a charity event of your own. A local high school may be interested in putting on a “Battle of the Bands” with you supplying the audio equipment and MC services. Or, maybe the local boy scout troop wants to belt out ballads with a karaoke contest. Again, there won’t be much in terms of compensation, but you could unlock tons of paid opportunities by putting on a strong performance.

7. Quiet Day Clubbing

Who says the clubbing is limited only to night time? “Silent Disco” – which utilizes wireless headphones to share your tunes – is the preferred and incidentally more courteous way to rage for many nowadays. Not every venue in your area will be zoned to throw a rave, but just about any space can host a noiseless bash. Scan social media to find out which groups are hosting these increasingly popular events in your neck of the woods and maybe consider renting out a space to host your own.

8. Sporting Events

In this day and age, DJs are a must for teams at all levels to keep the crowd engaged (particularly when the home team is sucking wind). DJs should not overlook their local minor league baseball teams or college programs when scouring for work.

9. Art Galleries

You may be thinking, “What kind of art gallery would require a DJ?” As a matter of fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a youth-driven art gallery in Brooklyn, San Francisco, or any other metropolitan setting without a DJ on hand. Of course, reading the room is pivotal for these events. Save the classical music for a Victorian era show. Meanwhile, at a Keith Haring show, feel free to bust out your favorite retro Garage hits. Gigmasters is great resource to get yourself listed for being found for art gallery gigs and more.

The moral of the story here is that DJs can save a life – or at least save a party – in many different places, even in venues that don’t have a dance floor. People are always looking for an excuse to get down and even popular DJs can use weekday work. Keep your eyes peeled for these unusual opportunities, but also be proactive in finding and creating them. Happy hunting! And remember, you can only work if your equipment does, too. So, get DJ insurance and get compensated if your mixers, turntables, computers or records get stolen, damaged or ruined at a gig.