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Best DJ Record Pools for Remixed Tracks

Best DJ Record Pools for Remixed Tracks

April 16, 2019
Author: ProSight Direct

Whether you’re a full-fledged resident DJ or a mobile DJ whose business is heavily engrossed in the nightclub scene, you can agree that building up your music catalog can be ridiculously time consuming and extremely expensive. Not only do you have to stay up to date with the latest hits, but you also need the ability to take requests and execute seamless transitions, all while keeping your audience on the dance floor. In an attempt to alleviate the stress associated with all of the issues above, record pools were created.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, record pools are “special music subscription services aimed at working DJs. For a set monthly fee, you get access to unlimited music downloads for use in your DJing – no restrictions, no strings.” Although there are plenty of music pools out there, not all are tailored to the nightclub scene and most don’t have as vast a collection of remixes. We decided to do some digging to locate top music pools for remixed tracks and highlight their features.

  1. XMix – Founded in 1992, this record pool bills itself as 'More Than A Pool,' and is one of the longer-standing services in the industry, which is a testament to the quality of their services and expansive music collection. XMiX has an extensive offering (radio edits, dirty versions, videos and various DJ tools), but the primary focus lies in their staple: remixes and re-edits. In fact, XMiX programs regularly-released compilations of the biggest hits in various DJ-friendly forms. The service stays up to date with the latest releases, offers multiple genre-specific series and even includes remixes of popular throwbacks and party classics. Behind the scenes, XMiX is staffed with experienced programmers and a knowledgeable production team. This pool is best for mobile, nightclub and radio DJs playing various formats.

  2. Franchise Record Pool – Founded by Funk Master Flex in the mid-90s, Franchise Record Pool has acquired a great reputation over the years. Franchise Record Pool offers thousands of songs with the ability to search by genre and even allows you to filter specifically by remixes. The service is affordable, and it has its own mobile app that adds another layer of convenience to the entire process. This pool is best for mobile DJs and those looking to build more of a social presence.

  3. iDJPool – Another veteran pool that has proven itself throughout the years is iDJPool. iDJPool offers a vast musical selection ranging anywhere from Dance music, to Gospel, to Holiday Classics. Most notably, users value the accuracy in which songs and BPMs are tagged. Due to its versatility, this pool is best for mobile and wedding DJs.

  4. Club Killers – Club Killers is structured a bit differently than most DJ pools, being that you must know a current Club Killers member to join the group. This gives the service more of a close-knit community feel. Club Killers also provides users with the option to download a short edit version of songs that is very popular among users. This pool is best for mobile and nightclub DJs.

  5. DJCity – DJCity is another well-known DJ pool, most notably for its collection of newly-released tracks. Producers at DJCity update their music daily, so users are constantly exposed to fresh material. Another benefit for members is the ability to access the service’s UK counterpart, which contains a different music collection with a European flair. This pool is best for nightclub DJs.

Depending on your areas of focus, each of these DJ pools offer a wide selection of remixes to help take your events to the next level. It’s all a matter of finding which one works best for you.

ProSight Global, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“ProSight”) do not endorse nor recommend any of the DJ pools described above. The descriptions are for informational purposes only and not based on ProSight’s use of the DJ pools. ProSight shall not be held liable for your use of the DJ pools nor for any payment you make to the DJ pools. Visit each DJ pools website to learn about their specific products.