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7 DJ Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

7 DJ Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

October 08, 2018
Author: ProSight Direct

Ever wondered if the DJ apps you’ve heard about are worth the download and subscription fees? We dug into customer reviews to find out.

Based on our research, these seven apps top the list as the most used/downloaded apps for both aspiring and professional DJs.

1. DJ Player Pro

This is one of the few DJ apps that was designed for professionals. What makes it different? According to the makers, it was developed completely in-house, using the company’s created technology. DJ Player Pro believes the result is better responsiveness and a cleaner sound. DJ Player Pro also supports most timecode vinyl formats, allowing you to extend your scratching techniques.

Cost: Free download, $19.99 per year.

2. Djay Pro 2

A fan favorite since the beginning, Djay Pro gives users instant access to millions of songs through its partnership with Spotify. Even cooler, the updated version allows you to turn on ‘Automix’, which will actually mix songs for you using AI. Other features include an award-winning turntable and a powerful four-deck view.

Cost: $1.99 per download with additional in-app purchase options.

3. Edjing Pro

One of the most commonly downloaded of the DJ apps, Edjing Pro, appeals to the masses. Reviewers believe Edjing’s flat interface is great for mixing and is easy to use for live performances. New, customizable audio settings also allow users to modify the crossfader curve, synchronize loops and cues, and adjust pitch settings in one dedicated interface.

Cost: $8.99 per download.

4. Cross DJ

Reviewers say this app is powerful enough to do a live show – as long as you have all the music you need on your iTunes®. Cross DJ finds the BPM of your tracks and syncs them or allows you to adjust the beatgrid when BMP is irregular. You can also detect and match keys to create harmonic mixes while on the go.

Cost: Free download with additional in-app purchase options.

5. Traktor DJ

Reviewers recommend this app for people new to mixing, both because the interface is less complex than some competitors and because it offers tips within the app. Not only does Traktor DJ integrate with your iTunes®, it will recommend songs within your library based on the key and tempo of the playing track.

Cost: $1.99 download.

6. Serato Pyro

If you don’t already know how to mix, reviewers believe this is the app for you. Serato Pyro automatically plays and mixes your music from Spotify or iTunes®, so that transitions are smooth. Event DJs say it’s easy to use and perfect for crossfading playlists. Even the sophisticated DJ can appreciate the luxury it provides for everyday use, like long car rides or working out at the gym.

Cost: Free download.

7. Table Beats

Need a simple looper? Reviewers say Table Beats is your best bet. With over 3,000 beats, Table Beats is one of the best apps for practicing DJ techniques. Turntablists, in particular, love using Table Beats to refine their scratching skills.

Cost: Free download.

Of course, none of these apps quite match the equipment you already own, but they’re really helpful if you have an idea on the go or want to kill some time.

ProSight Global Inc., and its subsidiaries and affiliates do not endorse nor recommend any of the apps described above. The descriptions are solely based on customer reviews and not ProSight’s use of the apps. ProSight shall not be held liable for your use of the apps nor for any payment you make to use the products and services available through these apps. Visit each app to learn about their specific products and services and to read and understand each app’s Terms and Conditions.