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Yoga Insurance: Preserving Your Professional Future

Yoga Insurance: Preserving Your Professional Future

January 03, 2019
Author: ProSight Direct

According to News Medical, yoga-related emergency room visits have increased 70% over the last five years for over 36 million Americans who practice yoga. As yoga’s popularity continues to rise across the U.S., yoga professionals’ need for liability insurance continues to grow as well.

Yoga liability insurance can help protect teachers from unexpected circumstances. It can help safeguard against a lawsuit, damage to the studio the teacher leases or a student’s medical bills after being injured in their class.

Yoga is primarily treated as a relaxing, laid-back practice, however starting a yoga business should NOT be treated the same way. All the posing, bending and stretching involved can often lead to injury, especially if some of your clients are starting yoga for the first time.

Even the most experienced yoga instructors can fall victim to accidents and injuries that are outside of their control. By having yoga liability insurance, yoga teachers can rest assured knowing they have coverage to help protect their business.

Go with ProSight as Your Yoga Teacher Liability Provider

At ProSight, liability insurance for yoga instructors can include general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, as well as abusive misconduct insurance, which can help protect you and your practice from claims made against you regarding physical and/or verbal abuse.

ProSight Direct® is assembled in order to provide you with seamless online service. The Yoga Teacher program is designed to offer you an efficient, totally transparent process for obtaining a policy and buying it through your phone. You’re the one in control.

You will receive instant quote turnaround, concentrated business expertise, a copy of your insurance policy and much more. You also can obtain full coverage in a matter of minutes. It’s all right there for you online, promptly accessible with the click of a mouse or tap of a smart phone. Essentially, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you’d be adding immediate value to your yoga teaching business the moment you begin your professional endeavor through ProSight Direct®.

Coverage starts at around $165 a year. That’s just $13.75 a month to help protect your yoga teaching business from third-party injury claims made against you. To get started, see how much coverage your business needs by getting a fast quote online.

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