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What is Personal Trainer Insurance?

What is Personal Trainer Insurance?

December 03, 2018
Author: ProSight Direct

A personal trainer insurance program is a combination of general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and abusive misconduct insurance (sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse). It may cover claims related to the daily operations of your personal training business. For example, if one of your clients injures themselves while following your direction or you damage a gym space you rented to teach a fitness class, personal trainer insurance could help cover the costs of these claims.

Personal trainer insurance also helps cover legal defense costs for eligible claims made against you, damage to another person’s property and medical payments awarded from third-party bodily injury claims.

Personal trainer liability insurance is important and helps to keep your small business protected from legal costs for eligible claims made against you. It is a smart way of safeguarding the integrity and wellbeing of your profession.

Do I need Personal Trainer Insurance?

Having liability insurance as a certified personal trainer, shows existing and potential customers that you’re serious about your profession. Also, some clients and gym owners may require you to have personal trainer liability insurance before they hire you. Some gym owners may also require you to add them as an additional insured, since you’ll be operating in their facility.

Personal trainer liability insurance, in addition, gives you a layer of protection against claims such as property damage or bodily injury to third parties. You’ll rest assured knowing you’re protected from life’s unpredictability.

How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?

Personal trainer insurance, through ProSight, starts at around $165 a year. That’s just $13.75 a month to protect your personal trainer business from claims made against you. To get started, see how much coverage your business needs by getting a fast quote online.

Choose ProSight Direct® for Your Personal Trainer Insurance

ProSight Direct® provides a simplified online experience. From retrieving a quote in less than a minute to accessing your policy essentials on-the-go, you will know exactly how you are protected as a personal trainer. There are no hidden fees – everything is transparent. Your unique professional needs are taken into full consideration with specialized products and services tailored to your occupational necessities. ProSight Direct® delivers an insurance program to help you start your personal training business from the convenience of your phone or tablet.