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Personal Trainers - These Are the Best Places to Launch Your Career

Personal Trainers - These Are the Best Places to Launch Your Career

July 16, 2019
Author: ProSight Direct

When you’re new to the fitness profession, finding a full-time job can be daunting - especially if you live in an area without a strong focus on health and wellness. If that’s the case, you might want to consider relocating.

Coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles are often thought of as the best place to jumpstart a career, but in truth, these cities can be overly competitive and extremely difficult for someone trying to break into the industry. Fortunately, there are tons of other cities in the country that place a strong emphasis on fitness. If you’re willing to relocate, consider adding the following cities to your search:

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Both of the twin cities are frequently in the top ten on American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index. Despite cold and snowy winters, the cities are known for having cultures of outdoor physical activity. Paths along the central lakes make Minneapolis a runner’s paradise, and their downtown skyway system makes it easy for those who work in the city to get exercise during their lunch breaks without having to go outside into the cold.

Washington, DC

The home of our federal government is also the home to some of the healthiest Americans. In fact, it used to top the American Fitness Index from the American College of Sports Medicine - and Washington residents are serious about getting back to the front of that list. Mayor Muriel Bowser launched the #FitDC initiative in 2015 to encourage residents to live healthier lifestyles.


Denverites have access to the Rocky Mountains, where locals take advantage of the ability to hike, ski or snowboard. The city also has 300 days of sunshine a year (more than Miami!), meaning there is plenty of time for outdoor activity - so residents have plenty of time to use the 85 miles of bike path in the city.


According to recent data from FitBit, Seattle is one of the top ten fittest cities in the nation. A little rain doesn’t stop the people of Seattle from getting their daily workout in. In fact, residents often take advantage of the water by getting physically active in and around Lake Union, Lake Washington and the Puget Sounds. Similar to Denver, residents take advantage of the surrounding mountains by getting out and hiking on trails.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is an outlier on this list - it ranked dead last in American Fitness Index last year. The city received low marks for its high number of smokers, lack of recreational facilities and overall poor cardiovascular health of its residents. Not to mention, nearly a third of Oklahomans are overweight. So why would a fitness enthusiast want to live here? To turn things around, the city has started initiatives to improve public health, which means opportunity for aspiring personal trainers. If you’re the type that enjoys a challenge, Oklahoma City offers the opportunity to be part of a something bigger than your clients.

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