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Celebrity Personal Trainers: What Makes Them So Great?

Celebrity Personal Trainers: What Makes Them So Great?

March 15, 2019
Author: ProSight Direct

A good workout is a good workout, and yet a few lucky trainers get paid significantly bigger bucks to work with celebrities.

We looked at the backgrounds of some of the most famous personal trainers, including Tracy Anderson, Mary Helen Bowers, Gunnar Peterson, Nicole Stuart and Justin Gelband, to get a sense of reached celebrity status.

Surprisingly, each trainer only had a couple years of experience before they landed a superstar client, and star status came unexpectedly – in several different ways. Still, they each have a few things in common that keep their celeb clients coming back for more:

1. They make workouts fun. Celebrities are accustomed to hard work, so motivation isn’t usually a challenge for their trainers. Still, most celebrity trainers have a way of making workouts fun. Many have backgrounds as professional dancers or athletes, and will work dance cardio or athletic challenges into the routine to keep things interesting.

2. They’re extremely flexible with scheduling. Celebrities can be high maintenance because, well, they’re kind of busy. Personal trainers need to be extremely flexible with scheduling, and in some cases, willing to travel with their clients. When all else fails, trainers should be open to doing sessions over Skype® or FaceTime® platforms.

3. They come recommended. In some cases, celebrities come to their trainers at the recommendation of their other celebrity friends, but more often it's from another trusted source. Managers, agents and personal doctors, for example, are often cited as referrals.

4. They’re discreet. Celebrities are followed by media and fans everywhere. For a trainer, it can be really exciting to work with a celebrity for the first time and tempting to share the news with friends on social media. But, lots of celebs don’t want that. They value privacy and won’t put up with a trainer who doesn’t prioritize discretion.

5. They’re local. Celebrities tend to live in big cities like L.A. and New York. Not surprisingly, celebrity trainers live there too.

6. They give the celebrity treatment to all, but treat everyone like a normal person. Every client wants his/her trainer’s undivided attention during a workout. Celebrity or not, they want to feel like their well-being and success is important to the trainer. On the other hand, no one wants to be the recipient of over-the-top fussing. Celebrities are just people – who happen to be famous. If a trainer can’t keep their cool during the session, the celebrity won’t want to work with them again.

There’s no secret sauce to becoming a trainer for famous people. As any celebrity knows, fame is usually a game of luck, and “getting discovered” can happen completely unexpectedly, in the strangest of circumstances. The best thing you can do is focus on delivering exceptional workouts to the clients you have now and hope word gets out that you’re the best of the best. Although if your heart is really set, might we suggest a move to L.A.?

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