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What is Barre Instructor Insurance?

Liability insurance designed for barre instructors to help cover them from third-party insurance claims

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What is Barre Instructor Insurance?

Barre instructor insurance is liability insurance tailored for barre teachers and instructors to help protect them from claims made by a studio, landlord or client

Liability insurance for barre instructors can mean the difference between staying protected or being vulnerable to eligible claims. Barre instructor insurance can keep you tucking, squatting, and plié-ing for years to come.

As a barre instructor, you should be focused on what matters most: your clients. But worrying about potential claims from your students while attending class at your barre studio, can detract from you being able to teach your best. That’s where liability insurance for fitness instructors can come into play, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to instruct without worry.

Barre instructor insurance can be a combination of general liability insurance, personal liability insurance, and abusive misconduct insurance (which covers sexual, physical, and emotional abuse). It can cover claims related to the daily operations of you teaching barre.

Insurance for barre instructors can cover instances such as if one of your clients retains an injury during a group class, or the barre studio space you rented becomes damaged during your barre class.
If you are found liable, your barre instructor insurance policy can help cover the costs of these claims, rather than you solely paying out of pocket. Legal costs can quickly snowball. It’s smart to stay protected.

Barre Instructor Insurance from ProSight

Comprehensive coverage to protect yourself from third-party bodily injury, property damage, and reputation harm claims. ProSight Direct’s Barre Instructor Insurance can help protect you against the following:

Bodily Injury Claims

Your client fails to tell you about a pre-existing injury, hurts themselves squatting in class, and sues you for their medical expenses.

Property Damage Claims

One of the overhead lights breaks during class while you’re teaching. The landlord sues you to cover the costs.

Reputation Harm Claims

Another barre instructor or barre studio claims that you copied one of their teaching sequences and threatens to sue you.

Who Needs Barre Instructor Insurance?

Liability insurance for barre instructors can be an integral part of having a successful teaching career.

You’ve already invested in your barre teacher training education and worked hard to build your clientele. Why risk everything over the unforeseen? Whether you teach group classes in a commercial or independent studio, teach at multiple studios, or train clients one-on-one, staying protected with liability insurance can allow your career to flourish, rather than being derailed by circumstances out of your control.

Some commercial studios might even require you to carry liability insurance. Independent contractors are rarely covered by a studio’s policy, so having coverage might be a necessity for you. Even if you are an employee covered by a policy, that particular studio’s policy might not be enough to keep you safe if something goes wrong. Make sure to ask your employer specifics about how you’re covered.

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ProSight Specialty Insurance is rated "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best and "A+" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).