Athletic Coaches Insurance

Effortless liability insurance for athletic coaches

Baseball Coach

Baseball Coaches

Includes team, hitting, pitching, and other baseball coaches

Basketball Coach

Basketball Coaches

Includes shooting, defensive, team, and other basketball coaches

Bowling Coach

Bowling Coaches

Includes technical, skill, competition, and other bowling coaches

Cheerleading Coach

Cheerleading Coaches

Includes cheerleading direction, and competitive cheer coaches

Cross Country Coach

Cross Country Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other cross country coaches

Cycling Coach

Cycling Coaches

Includes road, mountain, and other cycling coaches

Fencing Coach

Fencing Coaches

Includes foil, épée, saber, and other fencing coaches

Field Hockey Coach

Field Hockey Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other field hockey coaches

Game Official

Game Officials

Includes referees, umpires, and other game officials

Golf Instructor

Golf Instructors

Includes driving, chipping, putting, and other golf instructors

Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics Coaches

Includes artistic, gymnastic, and other gymnastics coaches

Ice Skating Coach

Ice Skating Coaches

Includes balance, figure, speed, and other ice skating coaches

Racquetball Coach

Racquetball Coaches

Includes one-to-one, competitive, and other racquetball coaches

Running Coach

Running Coaches

Includes endurance, speed, and other running coaches

Ski & Snowboard Coach

Ski & Snowboard Coaches

Includes downhill, freestyle, and other skiing & snowboarding instructors

Soccer Coach

Soccer Coaches

Includes team, goalie, trainers, and other soccer coaches

Softball Coach

Softball Coaches

Includes team, one-on-one, fast pitch, and other softball coaches

Swim & Diving Coach

Swim & Diving Coaches

Includes freestyle, platform, and other swimming & diving coaches

Tennis Coach

Tennis Coaches

Includes singles, doubles, and other tennis coaches

Track and Field Coach

Track and Field Coaches

Includes running, jumping, throwing, and other track & field coaches

Volleyball Coach

Volleyball Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other volleyball coaches

Weight Lifting Coach

Weight Lifting Coaches

Includes olympic lifts, presses, squats, and other weightlifting coaches

Wrestling Coach

Wrestling Coaches

Includes collegiate, freestyle, Greco-Roman, and other wrestling coaches

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The website was easy to navigate and the price was very reasonable. I could not ask for anything else.

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