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Liability insurance designed for athletic coaches. Free quote in less than a minute.

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Coach Insurance Coverage

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All Athletic Coach Specialties
Baseball Coach
Baseball Coaches

Includes team, hitting, pitching, and other baseball coaches

Basketball Coach
Basketball Coaches

Includes shooting, defensive, team, and other basketball coaches

Bowling Coach
Bowling Coaches

Includes technical, skill, competition, and other bowling coaches

Cheerleading Coach
Cheerleading Coaches

Includes cheerleading direction, and competitive cheer coaches

Cross Country Coach
Cross Country Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other cross country coaches

Cycling Coach
Cycling Coaches

Includes road, mountain, and other cycling coaches

Fencing Coach
Fencing Coaches

Includes foil, épée, saber, and other fencing coaches

Field Hockey Coach
Field Hockey Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other field hockey coaches

Game Official
Game Officials

Includes referees, umpires, and other game officials

Golf Instructor
Golf Instructors

Includes driving, chipping, putting, and other golf instructors

Gymnastics Coach
Gymnastics Coaches

Includes artistic, gymnastic, and other gymnastics coaches

Ice Skating Coach
Ice Skating Coaches

Includes balance, figure, speed, and other ice skating coaches

Racquetball Coach
Racquetball Coaches

Includes one-to-one, competitive, and other racquetball coaches

Running Coach
Running Coaches

Includes endurance, speed, and other running coaches

Ski & Snowboard Coach
Ski & Snowboard Coaches

Includes downhill, freestyle, and other skiing & snowboarding instructors

Soccer Coach
Soccer Coaches

Includes team, goalie, trainers, and other soccer coaches

Softball Coach
Softball Coaches

Includes team, one-on-one, fast pitch, and other softball coaches

Swim & Diving Coach
Swim & Diving Coaches

Includes freestyle, platform, and other swimming & diving coaches

Tennis Coach
Tennis Coaches

Includes singles, doubles, and other tennis coaches

Track and Field Coach
Track and Field Coaches

Includes running, jumping, throwing, and other track & field coaches

Volleyball Coach
Volleyball Coaches

Includes one-on-one, team, and other volleyball coaches

Weight Lifting Coach
Weight Lifting Coaches

Includes olympic lifts, presses, squats, and other weightlifting coaches

Wrestling Coach
Wrestling Coaches

Includes collegiate, freestyle, Greco-Roman, and other wrestling coaches

Why Choose ProSight?

At ProSight, we believe quality liability insurance should be accessible to all athletic coaches at an affordable cost. Our online platform offers a modern approach to buying insurance, giving today’s athletic coach a simple way of obtaining coverage. Get a free quote today, and see for yourself.

Trusted by Athletic Coaches

At ProSight, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We leverage industry expertise with cutting edge technology to deliver an unrivaled insurance experience.

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ProSight covers thousands of independent professionals


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Insurance Made to Be Easy

Our truly digital experience empowers our customers to instantly access certificates of insurance, make changes to their policy, and submit a claim—anytime, anywhere.


Our process is fully digital, allowing users to receive a quote in a minute and proof of coverage within five.


4.5 out of 5 (excellent) TrustScore based off of Trustpilot reviews(1), and a 97% customer satisfaction rating(2).


With liability coverage starting at $8.33/month(3), you can be protected without breaking the bank.

(1) Satisfaction rating based on customer surveys.

(2) Excellent customer rating based on 4.5 of 5 TrustPilot rating as of October 14, 2019

(3) Pricing is dependent on what coverage you select and what services you need insured

ProSight Value in Every Policy

We know that every dollar counts when you're an athletic coach. That’s why we pack value into all of our insurance policies, regardless of which coverage you select.

Your Coverage at a Glance

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    General liability coverage up to $2,000,000 a year

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    Third-party bodily injury and property damage claims

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    Up to $5,000 in medical payments regardless of fault

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    Legal defense costs outside the limits for eligible claims

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    Professional liability and abusive conduct coverage available

Starting at

33* /mo

* Pricing based on the coverage you select

Get Protected

All Policies Include

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    Customizable coverage and limits

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    Instant online account access

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    Experienced claims specialists

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    Highly-rated customer service

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    No deductible or broker fees

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