About ProSight Direct

Who is ProSight Direct?

ProSight Specialty Insurance (ProSight) was founded in 2009 by experienced industry veterans who felt that the entire insurance experience needed to evolve to better meet customer expectations. ProSight Direct is part of ProSight, a leading specialty insurer with over $2.4B in assets and $819.5M in revenue.*

In 2018, ProSight announced ProSight Direct, our latest approach to delivering unique value directly to customers. ProSight Direct offers small business professionals a simple way to buy and manage their insurance policies online, anywhere and anytime.

You can learn more about ProSight at www.prosightspecialty.com.

How is ProSight Direct better than other online insurance offerings?

ProSight is a fully integrated insurance company and broker, so we can provide seamless service to our online customers from quote to purchase and through the life of the policy. We never hand you off to another company or sell your information. If you have a claim, you know you are dealing with the same company you bought your policy from, not a third party who doesn't know who you are.

Most online insurance offerings today are online brokers or "lead gen" sites, who provide you a quote but then hand you off to other traditional insurance companies for critical aspects of service, such as claims. Because they aren't a fully integrated insurance company and broker, they can't provide seamless online service for all aspects of your insurance process after you have bought the product. Don't get caught in the middle—be sure to read the fine print from other companies to make sure you're buying from someone who supports ALL your needs without any handoffs.

When will ProSight Direct have insurance for my profession?

We are rapidly deploying new products and solutions for other professionals, and plan to roll out new offerings every few months. For more information, please contact us at customersupport@prosightdirect.com.

* For the year ending 12/31/17